"It was such an amazing experience having Sharon with us for our retreat! her thoughtfulness, attention to details, and kindness really warmed the whole room. And her food kept many going back for seconds!" - ATS, NY, NY

"I was So moved by Sharon's story, I want to get to know her!" - NM, Westport, CT

"It was such a privilege to be able to taste her cooking and hear her uplifting, vulnerable, moving story at the same time - Sharon is one of those people you meet for a few hours and feel like you've known her for years." - GS, NY, NY

"Sharon was amazing, the food was amazing, everything was amazing. She really made the event special" - ES

"What really made the experience great was that it was more than just food, Sharon's story and her presence was what elevated this even to the next level" - KF

"Not only was everything delicious, but Sharon's story helped remind me why I am invested in the type of work that I do. Plus the banana pudding was exceptional, I could not stop myself from going back for more" EM

"Thanks so much for yesterday Sharon, the food was AWESOME and everyone was really moved by - your story. It was a perfect event all around!" -  ES...Bklyn NY

"Sharon's beautiful heart radiated in every area of her life - especially in the food she prepares. Her banana pudding was out of this world and kept me coming back for seconds and thirds!" - A.B. NY, NY

"Fantastic food! the banana pudding is world class. I away's love the mission behind the catering and the staff is lovely." J.C., NY

"All of the food was delicious! The chicken nearly fell off the bone and the mac and cheese was unlike any I had ever eaten. Some of the best banana pudding I have ever had! Can't wait until the next time I am fortunate enough to have Just Soul!" - J.R. NY, NY

The Women & Justice Project, "The Banana pudding was to die for" "By far the best Guacamole ever!!" "Just Soul your food is truly magnificent, you really put a piece of your soul in it, thank you" Very inspiring to know your background, and to see the amazing things your have accomplished." "Oh can't forget that mac and cheese, rating is #1".

"On June 2nd NYC Mission Society's SONYC after school program hosted an End of the Year celebration for our middle school scholars. We catered food from Just Soul Catering and we will be ordering from them in the future! Their arrival was on time which was more than appreciated and the food was amazing. Everything was nicely portioned  out and we had so much food we ended up giving food out to other staff members in the building."

"It's not about the product...It's about how it makes people feel and telling great stories." 

-Dave Kerpen