Just Soul Catering Internship Culinary Program model

The Just Soul Catering internship culinary program model is designed to teach and give hands-on experience to formerly incarcerated women coming home from prison. Our focus is to make everyone’s journey a success story and so we are sensitive to the individual learning styles of our participants.

This internship is an elective of Reentry Rocks with a goal of helping women become financially independent while learning communication skills, entrepreneurial skills, food handling skills and more. Executive Director and CEO Sharon Richardson is passionate about helping formerly incarcerated women achieve financial independence and so she has passionately developed, through her own journey and experience, a program that will help women find the confidence and success that she has found through Just Soul Catering.  Below are the three phases to a 9 month course. One must complete all three phases to graduate. A certificate is given at levels one and two and a formal letter from the CEO is given in phase three.  

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Program phases

Phase 1 -

Topics Explored:

● Introduction to Food Industry

● Necessary Customer Service Skills in the Food Industry

● Be Your Own Boss after Doing Time

● Getting Out of Your Own Way/What Does Success Look Like for You?

● Is Entrepreneurship for You?


Phase 2 -

Topics Explored:

● Developing a Career Plan: Goals, Objectives, and Strategies.

● Food Handlers Certificate/ Regulations and Safety

● Inventory: Preparing, Shopping, Packing, Unpacking, Shelving

● Decision Making and Problem Solving

● Hands-on Training in the Kitchen

● Resumes

● Menu Development, Pricing, and Marketing


Phase 3 & Completion of Program - Chef Jacket & Hat (Just Soul Catering Logo) - Graduation Ceremony Letter and Certificate

Topics Explored:

● Hands-on Training - Work an Event

● Hands-on Training - Plan an Event

● Hands-on Training - Plan and Cook in Kitchen

● Visit P,S. Kitchen (Vegan Restaurant)

● Write Your Own Story

● Prepare for Food Handlers Certificate